Interview with a casino dealer

Alexandra Ionescu is a Romanian casino dealer who currently lives in Varna, Bulgaria. He graduated from dealership more than 12 years ago. Soon after, he became a croupier in the lively city of Bucharest, Romania. Then he took his skills to work at sea, joinng a prestigious cruise company. Thanks to his experience as a dealer both in a crowded casino and on many cruise ships , we asked him to keep some time and answer a few questions for our valued blog followers.

Hi Alex! Thank you for accepting our invitation to the interview.

Hello, thank you for the invitation!

We’ve all been in the player position, but what is it like to be on the opposite side of the table at a casino?

To be honest, I’ve always liked being on both sides of the table. It kind of comes with the territory. But I’m in charge… now that’s what I’m good at! Many times, I even wake up offering advice to players whether or not to take a card on blackjack or make a breakup, so I guess I’m always a bit of both.

How long have you been a dealer?

I was a dealer for almost 5 years, the first 2 in Bucharest and then on cruise ships. I think you never stop being a dealer… even when you sit on the other side of the table.

Would you do it again?

I would always do this job, because it is interesting and I have always been very good at it. Time and a lot of practice is what makes dealers good, but to be honest this job is not for everyone.

Are you saying that dealers are improving over time and practice, but they also don’t burn fast and need to change jobs?

When it comes to changing jobs, most 711Kelab online casino dealers do it because it gets tiring sometimes, with all the different changes, working on holidays and so on.

Why did you become a dealer and the job justifies your expectations?

I became a dealer because I wanted to go to Las Vegas, work and live there. And I still haven’t given up on this dream. Being a dealer is a great way to make friends, but also a lot of enemies, so it’s pretty hard to tell if he justified my expectations or not. 

A dealer must have a special set of skills, for example, to be professional and friendly, to be able to do mental calculations quickly, to be a multitasker. What skills do you think are the most important?

All of them are important, but most importantly you need to be able to stay calm in stressful and sometimes dangerous situations. And yes, you need a quick mind and be able to do quick mental calculations.

Now, let’s get into more specific things. What was your best experience while working?

Oh, there were so many that it’s hard to pick one. I really liked to deal with Roulette, when I was working in Bucharest, because it is a very fast and intense game. However, on cruise ships, I had a group of Italians from Sicily, and I treated Texas Hold’Em for them, which happens to be my favorite game. 

Hm, you interested me. I think we’ll have to invite you for a follow-up. How about the worst experience? I had a lot too. But one of the scariest situations I’ve ever been in was when a guy lost the Roulette he was taking care of me and started suffocating me on the table. Fortunately, the person watching the game jumped out of his chair and intervened.

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